March 2, 2023


Unfreeze partners with Particle Network

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Particle Network, the full-stack Web3 infrastructure platform! This partnership will make it easier for game developers to integrate Particle Network's powerful SDKs seamlessly into their games, with the help of Unfreeze's unified SDK.

About Particle Network:

Particle Network offers a wide range of solutions, including Connect Service for seamless onboarding of both Web2 and Web3 users, Auth Service for secure and easy authentication, Wallet Service for a one-stop wallet solution, Node Service for a robust and secure blockchain API, NFT Service for creating, managing, distributing, and marketplace solutions, and even decentralized storage solutions like IPFS. They also offer SDKs and support for almost all EVM-compatible chains and the Solana chain. Their vision is to accelerate the world's transition into the cryptoverse.

About Unfreeze:

Unfreeze is an aggregator of SDKs and tools for web3 gaming. Our goal is to make it easier for game developers to navigate the overwhelming number of options in the web3 space. We are committed to providing developers with a unified SDK that simplifies the integration of multiple tools and SDKs, while also providing an intuitive user experience for gamers.

With this partnership, Unfreeze and Particle Network will bring a whole new level of ease and simplicity to the web3 gaming experience. We are excited to work together to empower game developers with the tools they need to create amazing gaming experiences, and help accelerate the transition to a more decentralized world.


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