April 5, 2023


Unfreeze partners with Peanut Protocol

Unfreeze and Peanut Protocol 🥜 are teaming up to make it easier for game developers to incorporate Peanut solutions into their Web3 games. This partnership means that game developers will be able to use solutions like payment links, referral buttons, and an easy way to send NFTs, as well as other GameFi solutions with a single integration of Unfreeze unified SDK. Peanut Protocol's Peanut Link SDK allows users to generate links and QR codes to send crypto to their friends effortlessly, even if their wallet address is not known or they do not have a crypto wallet yet. Together, this partnership will bring a new level of ease and simplicity to the web3 gaming experience.

About Peanut Protocol:

Peanut Protocol is a blockchain-based platform that aims to simplify the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrency by eliminating the need for complicated wallet addresses or test transactions. It is designed to make crypto transactions more user-friendly and accessible to a wider audience. Peanut Protocol also provides a range of tools for companies and individuals to distribute tokens and other assets without worrying about double claiming, compliance, or building custom minting or airdropping claim pages.

In addition to its current use cases, which include sending money to friends, distributing tokens with QR codes, and airdropping tokens to a mailing list, Peanut Protocol plans to introduce more advanced features in the future, such as private transactions, sending crypto to people without a wallet, requesting payment, and sending paid links to content. Overall, Peanut Protocol aims to make the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrency more seamless and accessible to all.

Peanut Protocol is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes smart contracts to execute its functionality. The protocol allows for the creation of a "Peanut channel" between two parties, where they can send and receive tokens without the need for on-chain transactions.

About Unfreeze:

Unfreeze is an aggregator of SDKs and tools for web3 gaming. Our goal is to make it easier for game developers to navigate the overwhelming number of options in the web3 space. We are committed to providing developers with a unified SDK that simplifies the integration of multiple tools and SDKs, while also providing an intuitive user experience for gamers.


Peanut Protocol website: link

Peanut ProtocolTwitter: link

Peanut Protocol docs: link

We can't wait to see the exciting developments that come out of this collaboration!

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