February 20, 2023


Web3 Game Gazzete - Eternal Dragons

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The Eternal Dragons - Overview gameplay

The Eternal Dragons universe is an IP that promises to take players on a journey filled with mythical creatures and epic battles. This series of games includes four unique experiences, each with its own gameplay and features.

Eternal Dragons - Prologue

Genesis is the first game in the series and introduces players to a collection of 10,000 unique Genesis Eternal Dragons and one collection of Descendant Eternal Dragons. These creatures have different traits, including affinities, classes, and rarities. The Genesis Eternal Dragons have uncapped breeding potential, allowing owners to receive Descendant Eggs through Nesting. What's more, players can earn royalties from secondary market sales in the form of $ETERNIUM, the utility token required for breeding. Even if you don't own a Genesis Eternal Dragon, you can still rent one from the market. $ETERNIUM will be used as currency for the breeding fees, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Eternal Dragons - Chapter 1

Strife is an auto chess and auto battler game that will see players battle against other players or a set of NPC heroes or bosses in PvE mode. To win, players will need to place their units from a randomized roster strategically and then let the game play out without player interaction. The last hero standing will be the winner. Acquiring more Dragons and leveling them up will increase rewards and competition in the higher ranks. Players can earn more $ETERNIUM by winning and leveling up, which can be reinvested into their Dragons' power progression to increase their market value and make them stronger.

The Dragons from Chapter 2
Strife are also important in Eternal Dragons - Chapter 2: House of Dragons. In this game, players will use their Dragons to seed the land and harness resources through affinity-specific bonuses when building. With $ETERNIUM, players can invest in yield-bearing assets such as resource producers, mines, town halls, guild houses, and decorations. The community will play a significant role in this game, centered on trading and collaborating to maintain an efficient resource management system. It's like building your own empire, and the Dragons you own play a vital role.

Eternal Dragons - Chapter 3
War of Kings sees previously formed alliances pitted against each other in a 4x setting, with Houses of Dragons battling for glory and showing off their prowess with hero skins, mounts, or familiars. $ETERNIUM is even more important in this game, as it can be used for teleportation, spell casting, and creation of potions. The introduction of land and specialization adds an extra level of strategy to the game, and it's sure to keep you on the edge of your seat|.

Tokenomics - $EDQ

$ETERNIUM is the utility token for the Eternal Dragons Universe. It can be used for breeding, leveling up, and healing Dragons, competition entry fees, and more. Players can earn $ETERNIUM by completing quests, playing PvE and winning PvP matches, and performing certain actions as rewards for extraordinary achievements. It will be traded freely on several trading platforms, and initial liquidity will be provided by the Eternal Dragons Treasury. Genesis Eternal Dragons owners who nest their Genesis Eternal Dragons ahead of the release of the breeding game will also be rewarded $ETERNIUM. There will also be an $EDQ governance token, but further details have yet to be announced.

The other crucial resource in Eternal Dragons - Dragon Feed! This off-chain resource is required to enter the battlefield in the Eternal Dragons universe. It replenishes after a certain period of time, and functions to pace the content, session, and gameplay, increase the longevity of the game, prevent burnout, and protect against exploit and abuse. The gameplay mechanics in the Eternal Dragons universe are sure to keep players engaged and entertained for hours on end!

The Eternal Dragons universe is an exciting new world filled with mythical creatures and epic battles. With four different game experiences, players can collect, breed, level up, and even rent Dragons, all powered by the $ETERNIUM utility token. Use $ETERNIUM for breeding fees, leveling up, healing Dragons, and competition entry fees. You can earn $ETERNIUM by completing quests, winning PvP matches, and performing extraordinary achievements. Plus, you can invest in yield-bearing assets and trade $ETERNIUM on several platforms. The gameplay mechanics are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EternalDragons
Website: https://www.eternaldragons.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.eternaldragons.com/whitepaper

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